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For it is I. who writes the poem after the prayer. I write to ease the pain of grief, tragedy, in addition to reunions in the now and then. The writer has lived and survived many of the above topics one who can identify a sound of silence, give color to a thought. There are poems written for girls and boys, youth of all ages, single adults, parents, and grandparents. Poems for children are priced at $5...Poems for adults and seniors are priced at $10..... Frames are included with each order.... (Special orders are priced at $20) for a change of color to blend with a poem. Payments will be accepted in the form of checks/money orders/ PAY PAL accounts are welcome. An order# - shipping costs /comments page is available for your convenience. We are a global website.


Your Life Is More Than A Faint Touch in Twilight..

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Give a pause, give a look to my creations of Poems, Quotes, Totes, Teddy Bears, and a "Just Because" gift of an apron for your next cook-out or cook-in to catch the spills...I will add a frame to the purchase of my poems at budget-friendly prices...Tones In Twilight Creations were created "just for u"...
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